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We have developed our Full service standalone lemonade stand for your events, local community fair's or charity fund raisers.

The recipe we use is our own secret recipe, Guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests. 

We have been supplying our American Lemonade for a number of years and after many requests, we have finally created a standalone lemonade unit.

Tweety's orinigal American Funnel cakesDessert caterers is a well established privately owned catering company which, over the years has developed an impressive reputation for delivering mouth watering products at numerous, private events, festivals and locations around the UK.  Our range of dessert span from Funnel Cakes through to Wild Flavoured Parisian Crepes to Northern style Pancakes, we also offer a range of home made cakes and are known for our Lemonade Stand and Grumpy the Lemon 

Our goal is to create perfect products, professional service and client satisfaction beyond your expectations. 

147hOur mobile kitchens are able to produce a range of desserts and present them in a number of different ways.

Below is a small overview of the main desserts we sell at festivals and provide at events, and also offer a selection of speciality desserts and cakes for private functions.

We can also provide personalised logo's and cakes when requested.

dessert caterers fixed locationsDessert caterer stands can be found in a number of locations, from shopping centres to stores throughout America, and other parts of the world, with 2 new stores being opened this year in Korea and Germany, if you are looking for a different offering for your static location, contact us, we can set up on units in store, outside or in the right environment retail outlets.


Each mobile kitchen unit is clean, professionally organised and can be decorated for your event.

We can work within your kitchen, building or with our mobile kitchen, which we take to every event.

If you require more than one unit, no problem we have a selection of units to cover any size event.


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