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We have developed our Full service standalone lemonade stand for your events, local community fair's or charity fund raisers.

The recipe we use is our own secret recipe, Guaranteed to bring a smile to your guests. 

We have been supplying our American Lemonade for a number of years and after many requests, we have finally created a standalone lemonade unit.

These traditional  American Lemonade stands can be set up anywhere you want, these are great little units that can be seen in shopping centres, school fetes, local car boot sales and many different music festivals.

lemon100Our lemonade stands are able to provide ICED cold Lemonade and sun kissed oranges juice.

We use our own secret lemonade recipe, presented to your guests iced cold in 2 sizes, for adults we offer a massive 24 oz cup, and a smaller size for children.

We can offer:

  • Regular American Lemonade
  • Diet American Lemonade
  • American Strawberry Lemonade

Our lemonade stands are able to provide ICED cold Lemonade and if requested sun kissed oranges juice.

The recipes we use for is a family secret we have been using for years, whilst anybody might think they can make traditional homemade lemonade, The home made american lemonade we provide is highly addictive and will impress your guests.

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