Dessert Menu - Example Menu

gooseWe offer various toppings from, Sweet Toppings, Liqueur Toppings, Deep fried Treats, Savoury and our very own Spicy Vegi Mexican Chilli

Funnel Cakes can be served - In Different Sizes

Original Size 8in!, European Size 6in!, Party Bite Size 2in!

Whilst Funnel Cakes taste great we regularly spend time creating wild flavoured new toppings, with a desire to find nice treats that include a small taste explosion.

When you book us for your event you will be in for a treat, within our units we offer some of the finest treats you would ever want to offer your guests:


Below is a small selection of products used.
Sweet Toppings

•    Freshly Squeezed Lemon & Demerara Sugar
•    Drizzled with Real Maple syrup
•    Hot slow dripped Belgian Chocolate Sauce
•    slow dripped Muscovado Toffee Sauce
•    Hot Strawberry Topping
•    Hot Black Cherry Topping
•    Hot Red Cherry Topping
•    Hot Bramley Apple and Cinnamon
•    Chocolate Sauce & Sliced Banana
•    Butterscotch    

•    Hot orange chocolate lightly drizzled around the Funnel Cake sprinkled with crunchy orange bits and finished with orange brandy
•    Grand Marnier with real Maple Syrup and Fresh Cream
•    Drambuie
•    Cointreau and fresh cream
•    Rum and Chocolate flakes
Extra Treat Toppings
Maple syrup
Deep Fried Treats
•    Melted Mozzarella cheese and Mixed Olives
•    Feta Cheese and Mixed Olives
•    Apple Cheddar
•    Cheese and Onion
•    Cheese and Mushroom
•    Spicy Vegetarian Mexican chilli
Cheese & Spinach
Cheese & Peanut Butter
Cheese & Mushroom
smoked salmon, crème fraiche
Hot chocolate fudge sauce & Banana
Cheese & Peanut Butter
Sun Kissed Orange Juice
Using the very tastest oranges and squeezed at each request ensuring the frshest juice for your guests.
American Lemonade
Using Traditional Recipes, we provide Original Freshly Squeezed American Lemonade; try it once you will be back.
Hot Drinks
•    Crazy For More Hot chocolate
•    Finest Traditional Coffee
•    Calming Flavoured Teas