Hand Selected Coffee

coffee175If you want to offer your guests standard coffee with packet biscuits, please look for another coffee caterer, however if you want to serve your guests hand selected coffee, which we import due to high quality and taste, a range of freshly made desserts and cakes, then we can help.


American Lemonade

WE NEVER USE GRUMPY LEMONSThis year due to the amazing success of our lemonade we have introduced our American Lemonade stand, available for your events.

100% Natural

Orginal hand made American Lemonade.

Our lemonade is 100% natural with no additives and hand produced to our own special recipe. If you have ever tasted orignal American Lemonade then you will love this.



crepeSome are confused other are inventive, but all guests who eat our crepes being savoury or sweet, are happy, some want conventional flavours others opt for our range of our tried and tested combinations, some example flavours are,  Cheese & Peanut Butter, smoked salmon and crème fraiche or maybe chocolate fudge sauce & Banana. Whichever crepes your try from our extensive range will satisfy.

Where We Work