Specialist Treats

ediible feastCrispy, crunchy, and finger-lickin' . . . SPIDER! Oven-baked and ready to eat, just remove the fangs first.  We offer a selection of ......................... bugs, bugs in chocolate, scorpions in toffee, lollypops with ants, crisps made of locus, plus a range of unforgettable giveaways for your clients and guests, these treats are seasonal so please call us for this seasons selection.

Dessert caterers can also supply Brazilian street food and a range of unexpected desserts, you never even realised could be eaten. Our list of these speciality treats can be supplied to clients upon request.

We can also brand or personalise some of our speciality treats with pictures and logos, many you would like to give your guests personalised leaving presents of Chocolate Covered Giant Ants!

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Tweety's Funnel Cake MixWe are legally compliant, hold a five start status and have worked for many clients for a number of years.

Some of our creations have been hand crafted based on your needs, contact us to ask.

STRESSED?, reverse the word and call us in for your desserts.

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