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Tweety's Funnel Cake MixWe are legally compliant, hold a five start status and have worked for many clients for a number of years.

Some of our creations have been hand crafted based on your needs, contact us to ask.

STRESSED?, reverse the word and call us in for your desserts.

Call us on 07733105795 or click here to email


southend airshowIf you attend the Southend airshow, grab yourself a free coffee before you visit us, the Southend airshow is one of Europe's biggest displays, offer two days of plane, and desserts.

eastbourne airshowDessert Caterers has appeared at the Eastbourne airshow for a number of years, offer a great selection of treats to the spectators, the Eastbourne airshow offers some unusual twists that make this events really special. At the Eastbourne airshow, we offer tables and chairs and a place to relax whist drinking coffee and watching the show.

the bus stop overIf you are looking for a fun packed relaxing weekend, this is the place. It does help if you’re into camper vans although the atmosphere and easy going nature of the weekend is the overriding factor in making this a great value camping weekend.

ussmJuly 4th American Independence Day is a special day for going out to see friends, partying and going to the local county fairs, festivals, church events, sporting events (both school and non-school activities) such as little league, football, baseball, basketball and the list goes on. why no have us for authentic imported funnel cakes at your events in the UK. July 4th American Ex Pats in london.

donuts and doughnutsA doughnut is a doughnut, or is it?

We use a special doughnut mix selected especially for it’s Moorish unforgettable taste, we do not consider doughnuts as just doughnuts but a small bag of delectable feasts.

Doughnuts can be provided with toppings and dips depending on your needs.

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