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Tweety's Funnel Cake MixWe are legally compliant, hold a five start status and have worked for many clients for a number of years.

Some of our creations have been hand crafted based on your needs, contact us to ask.

STRESSED?, reverse the word and call us in for your desserts.

Call us on 07733105795 or click here to email


crepeSome are confused other are inventive, but all guests who eat our crepes being savoury or sweet, are happy, some want conventional flavours others opt for our range of our tried and tested combinations, some example flavours are,  Cheese & Peanut Butter, smoked salmon and crème fraiche or maybe chocolate fudge sauce & Banana. Whichever crepes your try from our extensive range will satisfy.

Crepes and thinner than pancakes!

We are always interested in good quality Dessert Recipes, if you have any please let us know!

We are also looking for Collections of Recipes 

Europes #1 American Lifestyle Event held annually in the heart of the UK.
Funnel Cakes and the Americana festival made an excellent combination, despite a brief 2 day rain fall visitors to Americana were happy to eat Funnel Cakes and drink lashings of our freshly sqeezed lemonade.

Do you want authentic Funnel Cakes at your American Independence Day in London, or maybe you have visitors coming to the UK.


We can offer you a selection of options to help you get Funnel Cakes where and when you need them, anywhere in the UK.


Click here to view our menu or click here to contact us for more information

FULLY LEGALLY COMPLIANTWe are registered with Harrow Borough Council Environmental Health Department. 

EHO Sue Haynes.  Telephone 02087366264.

All staff are fully trained in Health and Safety Practices and very happy.

Food Hygiene Certificates are display throughout the unit.

We are members of NCASS (Nationwide Caterers Association)

Our Gas Safety and pat testing Inspection is conducted annually.HARROW ENVIRONMENTAL OFFICER 

Certificates available for inspection at all events.

PROUD MEMBERS OR NCASSLiability Insurances Displayed on our units :

Public - £5,000,000

Employers - £10,000,000

Products - £5,000,000

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