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Tweety's Funnel Cake MixWe are legally compliant, hold a five start status and have worked for many clients for a number of years.

Some of our creations have been hand crafted based on your needs, contact us to ask.

STRESSED?, reverse the word and call us in for your desserts.

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privateIf you are having a private party, you’re a film crew looking to impress your artists, or just a group of people getting together to celebrate a special occasion, chocolate, treats and deserts is a must. Accompanied with the best coffee, we can professional raise the quality of your event with numerous ideas and dressing our mobile kitchens (if required) of your event.

giants getting dessertsWe have provided desserts in a varity of locations, from inside buildings through to pitching up in the middle of a field at office weekends, through to a group finishing the weekend at a forest based team building exercise, so no matter what your location we can cater for you.


147hOur mobile kitchens are able to produce a range of desserts and present them in a number of different ways.

Below is a small overview of the main desserts we sell at festivals and provide at events, and also offer a selection of speciality desserts and cakes for private functions.

We can also provide personalised logo's and cakes when requested.

Whether your old fashioned spotty dick with custard lover, or prefer delicate little creations, everyone loves desserts.

Desserts are surprising easy to make. In the past few years we have become more accustomed to a mix of exotic desserts that were never previously available, how often have you tried to create a dessert that is “fit for a king”.

We have compiled a few books that will help you improve your desserts and give you different ideas.

What are Funnel Cakes and where are they from?
Whether you know them as Funnel Cakes, Strauben, Churros, Tippaleipä, or whatever else they are known by they taste great. Funnel Cakes are one of the more unusual and confused dessert products available in the UK 


Depending who you are and where in the world you are from, we have found that different people who have tried our Funnel Cakes have told us they know the same flavour, however they call it a different name.  

Funnel CakesWe offer various toppings from, Sweet Toppings, Liqueur Toppings, Deep fried Treats, Savoury and our very own Spicy Vegi Mexican Chilli

Whilst Funnel Cakes taste great we regularly spend time creating wild flavoured new toppings, with a desire to find nice treats that include a small taste explosion.

 Unusual because they are called funnel cakes yet you do not need a funnel and they do not look like cakes 

Confused because since we started selling Funnel Cakes
we have found Funnel Cakes are known by many different names with the list that is growing.
•    The American's call them Funnel Cakes
•    The Finnish version of Funnel Cakes are tippaleipä
•    Spanish people have called them odd shaped Churros
•    Austrian, people call funnel cake Strauben (with regional varieties) eaten by the Dutch community.


We are a dessert caterer that specialise in various mouth watering desserts that are not run of the mill offerings, meaning our menus are unique.

Whether you want to make your July 4th celebrations in the UK authentic or want to add some fun to your event, being a private party or a company promotion, Funnel Cakes make great desserts for Weddings, Corporate Events & Private Parties.

Dessert Caterers have taken Funnel Cakes to new heights, we now advise many American Funnel cake Vendors on new ideas and ways to operate. 

Funnel Cakes can be served - In Different Sizes

  • Original Size 8in!
  • European Size 6in!
  • Party Bite Size 2in!

We Cater At Shopping Centres, Private Functions, corporate events, American Festivals and Events, Local Community Events, we have event catered inside London Nightclubs. If you want Original American Funnel Cake Catered, please contact us

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